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$265,000 Administrative Settlement Won for MO Veteran Injured by Botched Surgery

Rawls Law Group is pleased to announce that we have settled a claim against the Kansas City VA Medical Center relating to a botched orthopedic surgery for $265,000.

Our client underwent a hammertoe correction with joint fusions on his right second and third toes in order to address significant pain and deformity in his right foot. Postoperative imaging completed that same day revealed that the toe fusion implant on the second toe was not in the correct place and that there was a significant gap at the site of the fusion.

However, our client was never informed of those results and was discharged home. In fact, despite numerous complaints of significant pain and deformity, our client did not learn that the fusion had failed until more than a year and a half after the initial procedure; however, by that time, his treatment options were very limited, as a corrective surgery carried significant risk of amputation.

Due to the VA’s failure to promptly address the issues identified in his postoperative imaging, our client’s condition progressively worsened, and he has been forced to endure constant, excruciating pain that radiates throughout his leg and severely limits his mobility. To compound the problem, our client was employed as a truck driver throughout this entire ordeal and lost substantial income due to his inability to work normal hours.

Fortunately, though, the VA recognized their mistake and we were able to resolve the claim in a relatively quick manner, without having to resort to litigation. Now, our client has been able to retire from driving trucks, and, hopefully, will able to put this incident behind him.


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