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Rawls Law Group Supports Hidden Heroes

When a solider returns from war, he or she is often recognized by the community at large with a variety of forms of appreciation.  His or her valor may even be honored with an award or other acknowledgement of service from the United States.   All of this credit is well-deserved for those keeping our freedom safe. 

Most times, these service members are supported during their service and upon their return by their families.  These military caregivers endure their own pain and sacrifice, and this plight is often unrecognized.  Hidden Heroes, a campaign of the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, seeks to bring attention to these military caregivers by raising awareness of the issues that military families confront on a daily basis.  Hidden Heroes also works to encourage other organizations, leaders, and individuals to support military caregivers.  Finally, Hidden Heroes has established a registry to connect military caregivers with resources and support. 

Senator Elizabeth Dole founded the Elizabeth Dole Foundation after her husband, Bob Dole, was admitted to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in 2011.  Senator Dole saw firsthand the challenges that military caregivers were facing.   She established her Foundation to “uplift American military caregivers and their families by raising public awareness, driving research, championing policy, and leading collaborations that make a significant impact on their lives.”

The Hidden Heroes campaign is unique in that it seeks to connect military caregivers to each other and to available resources by providing a nationwide registry.   The campaign’s website also provides other connections to the military caregiver community through a secure Facebook group and a “Caregiver Q&A” in which members can share their own experiences and advice.  Online courses are also available for caregivers.

At our firm, we see firsthand the impact that military service has on families.  We strongly believe that military caregivers deserve support and recognition.


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