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Sewage Leak at VA Hospital: Management Minimizes Problem

That there is a sewage leak at the VA hospital in Richmond is something that can happen at even the best of institutions.  That the sewage leak contaminates critical areas does raise some issues, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Bad things can happen even when everyone is doing the right thing. What is troubling in this article is the apparent inclination of the hospital’s management to minimize the problem and a lack of aggression in resolving this potentially very serious problem. Sadly, that sort of management approach is nothing new. We see it all over the country with regard to a myriad of concerns, whether it is delays in getting patients seen or drug pilfering or dishonest managers or whatever. The VA has a serious problem with its “corporate culture.” It needs to change, but anyone who is optimistic that such change is in the works is not likely being very realistic. This is a sad state of affairs.


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