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Veterans Getting Help During Hurricane Harvey

This country has its moments of division, but one thing is true: when crisis hits America, we all come together. The crisis in Texas has left us to question, what about the veterans? Where are they? Is someone helping them?

Through the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, the Houston VA hospital has remained open. Hospital officials are urging only patients with urgent needs to be seen at this time due to the risks of traveling to the hospital. A 25-member team from a Central Texas Veterans Health Clinic is being sent to Houston’s VA hospital today, Wednesday August 30th. In addition to this team of nurses and other medical professionals, a bus load of supplies is also being delivered to the Houston VA hospital to serve vital resources to the veterans who are currently there. To find a list of benefits and services being offered at this time, please click here.

In a recent article by an Oklahoma news station, preparations for veterans to be moved from Houston to Oklahoma are in the works. As of yet, no VA hospital patients have been transported to avoid the dangerous situation because there is still sufficient staffing at this time.

Our hearts are with everyone who is affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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