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We’ve represented veterans and their families in nearly every type of missed diagnosis case there is.

In VA and military hospitals, more often than not, those cases involve the failure to diagnosis cancer. From lung, kidney, and colon cancers to breast cancers and melanomas, we’ve handled them all. But missed diagnosis cases can also involve nearly any disease or injury, most of which we’ve seen too—from the delay or failure to diagnose heart conditions to internal bleeding to the failure to diagnose broken bones. No matter the type of disease or injury, the earlier the diagnosis the better. With advances in medical technology, healthcare providers have a much easier time identifying and diagnosing diseases, especially cancer, when it can still be successfully treated. But when doctors drop the ball and miss a diagnosis, the chances of a successful outcome fall dramatically. We see this happen far too often in the VA and military healthcare systems and we have fought hard for our clients to help them pick up the pieces and make things right when substandard healthcare has left them with no other choice.


“I will be forever grateful to this firm for helping us achieve justice for my brother. They were champions for him when we, his family, could not be."


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