We have worked with lawyers all over the country and with very few exceptions the experience has been a positive one for us – and it has been for those lawyers who work with us, too.  

While the basics of the Federal Tort Claims Act process seem relatively straight forward, it has its share of pit falls and traps for the unwary.  Like most things, it’s not that daunting if you do a lot of it.  However, most lawyers, including very experienced plaintiffs’ counsel, have only limited experience.  Our experience is extensive.  We know the agencies and how they work.  We have handled claims nationwide.  There are few states from which we have not handled at least a few claims and we have filed suit in Federal court in over 20 states.  

Of course, where permitted by law we gladly pay referral fees.  The amount is determined first by any restrictions of the jurisdiction and second by the amount of work the referring counsel has already done and/or wants to do as the case progresses.  Typically, we take over and handle the case, including advancing the necessary costs, but there are many variations.  

Our firm will respect your relationship with your clients.  As our practice outside of Virginia is limited to FTCA cases (as well as vaccine cases), we do not compete with referring lawyers.  

While the primary focus of our practice is medical malpractice, we are also happy to partner on FTCA matters relating to other types of cases.  The experience and depth that has made us a national leader in FTCA medical malpractice cases translates well to other areas, especially those involving serious injuries with complex medical issues.  

Please call us to see if we can help your clients and you.


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