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Surgical Error at a VA Healthcare Facility?

Our nation's veterans and their families have made so many sacrifices for our country, and having reliable healthcare is something they deserve. Unfortunately, mistakes do happen in VA healthcare facilities. Whether it is complex spinal surgery or minor foot surgery, every operation has risks. We’ve represented veterans and military families with poor surgical outcomes all across the spectrum, from infections, amputation mistakes, hearing loss, and blindness to paralysis and even death.

Helping Veterans Nationwide

In our experience, surgeries typically go wrong when inexperienced VA doctors or contracted employees are not properly trained and supervised and they’re allowed to do too much, too soon. The monetary compensation that we secure for our clients can never take the place of what was lost in a botched surgery, but it can help provide the resources necessary to make the new challenges easier to overcome.


“I had the privilege of using Rawls Law Group in handling my case against the Veterans Administration. I got in touch with them and they came to Arizona to go over my case. The firm won my case to my satisfaction. I am a Service Officer for the VFW and would recommend this firm to any Veteran."


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