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$225,000 Administrative Settlement for the Daughter of a Veteran, Won by Rawls Law Group

Rawls Law Group is pleased to announce that we have settled a wrongful death claim against a Veterans Affairs hospital in Richmond, Virginia for $225,000.

Our client was the daughter of a deceased veteran, who died from a deep vein thrombosis after he was negligently treated and prematurely and inappropriately discharged by the medical staff at the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center. The veteran was 68 years old at the time of his death and left behind his daughter, a granddaughter, and great granddaughter.

We aggressively pursued the claim through the Federal Tort Claims process and were ultimately able to convince the VA to agree to an administrative settlement. Obviously, while no amount of money will bring back our client’s father, it will hopefully make a positive difference in her life and that of her daughter and granddaughter.


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