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$260,000 Settlement for Veteran Who Underwent Orthopedic Wrist Surgery

Rawls Law Group has secured a $260,000 settlement for a veteran who underwent an orthopedic wrist surgery at the Asheville, North Carolina VA hospital that was purportedly without complications. Over the following months, the veteran’s wrist condition deteriorated, and MRI showed additional tearing of tendons in his wrist.

A second surgery was performed at the VA, but again, the veteran’s wrist continued to worsen and another MRI showed even further tears in the tendons. A second orthopedic surgeon was brought in who saw on imaging that the original surgery hardware was incorrectly placed and was causing the repeat tendon tears.

To the VA’s credit, an Adverse Event note was added to the veteran’s medical chart acknowledging the mistakes made during the first wrist surgery. After filing the claim and the VA’s investigation, a settlement for $260,000 was reached on behalf of this injured veteran.


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