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$300,000 Settlement for Army Veteran in Washington State

Rawls Law Group is happy to report a $300,000 settlement of an Army veteran’s medical malpractice claim against a Veterans Affairs hospital.

The veteran now lives in Washington State but the poor medical care he received took place at the Huntington VA Medical Center in West Virginia.

Our client was left with partial paralysis after his doctors at the VA hospital failed to send him home with the necessary antibiotics to treat an infection. They knew he had the infection and they knew he needed the antibiotics, but like so many veterans he fell through the cracks at discharge. The infection worsened and spread and left him with permanent injuries that he will have to live with for the rest of his life.

We pursued the veteran’s claim through the Federal Tort Claims administrative process and convinced the VA to resolve the case without the need to file suit for $300,000, giving this Army vet some significant extra help he will need because of the VA’s negligence.


Post written by Glen Sturtevant


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