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$400,000 Settlement for Delayed Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

Updated: Jan 5

We recently settled this matter with the VA for $400,000. It was the sort of situation that we have seen with unfortunate regularity over the years. Simply put, the VA healthcare providers failed to provide the cancer screening that should have been done, and the consequences were tragic.

In 2016, our client was first seen at the Fort Wayne VA Medical Center to establish his primary care and, later that year, his PSA was tested for the first time. Our client was 54 years old, and his PSA was within normal limits. Unfortunately, though, that would be the only time that our client’s PSA was tested despite numerous appointments. For over three years, our client was never once offered, nor educated or counseled about the importance of, additional PSA testing for prostate cancer. Regrettably, once his PSA was finally tested, it came back significantly elevated and, thereafter, our client was diagnosed with high-grade, stage III prostate cancer that required him to undergo a prostatectomy, as well as chemo and radiation. Despite these treatments, though, our client’s prostate cancer returned – now stage IV – and metastasized to the lymph nodes in his chest, neck, and abdomen. At present, his prognosis remains uncertain.

Fortunately, the VA lawyer assigned to this claim was a conscientious one, and we were able to get the matter resolved for more than double the amount that was initially offered. While this money cannot restore our client’s health, it hopefully will make his life a little bit better.

While many lawyers are wary of cancer cases, our firm knows the ins and outs of these matters and has successfully handled countless FTCA cancer cases over the years. Clients need lawyers who are experienced with their particular type of case. So, if you or someone you know has suffered due to VA medical malpractice, give us a call. We’d be happy to assist in evaluating your case.


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