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$400,000 Settlement for Veteran’s Widow in North Carolina

Just months shy of their 50th wedding anniversary, our client lost her husband, a veteran, to a pulmonary embolism. What’s worse is that it could have been completely avoided. The VA had just taken CT scans and chest x-rays, which clearly showed the pulmonary emboli. But the VA missed them and never intervened to fix the problem. Our client’s husband died suddenly at home a couple of weeks later.

The veteran’s widow hired us and we filed a federal tort claim against the VA. To the VA hospital’s credit, they admitted that they had missed the pulmonary emboli visible on the veteran’s chest imaging. In relatively short order, we were able to obtain a $400,000 settlement for this veteran’s widow.

The truly good news is that she still has her children nearby. And, while no amount of money can bring her husband back, a settlement does help her to grieve in relative comfort.  


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