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Combat Veterans With Injury to Genitals Receive Groundbreaking Transplant News

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Our nationwide VA & Military Medical Malpractice group speaks with numerous veterans all over the country on a daily basis. There is one common factor with all the vets who contact us: They have experienced poor care through the VA healthcare system. 

Sadly, over 1,000 brave American heroes have experienced horrific injury to their genitals in combat as a result of post 9/11 war. IED blasts are to blame for these injuries. Our Owner and President, Brewster Rawls, has reason to be weary of the groundbreaking genital transplant due to the nature of our firm’s work and previously taking FTCA cases as a result of shoddy transplant work at the VA. Brewster is quoted in this article by Healthline, “I’ve had a number of cases in which the VA just dragged its feet on transplants of almost any sort, and the veteran sometimes died in the process. I have also had more than one doctor tell me that the VA is, in fact, notorious for doing so. If they have to refer outside the system it is even worse.”

What do you think of this groundbreaking transplant news for veterans? 


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