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Federal Government to Pay $925K to End Claims of Negligent Care

A 72-year-old U.S. army veteran, sued the VA hospital and the federal government in June. He described going to the hospital in March 2016 after he experienced pain in his right thigh that expanded to his groin. A recent article by Law360 gives the full story of this veteran receiving poor care from the Philadelphia VA Medical Center. When a kidney stone made its normal path to the ureter, the doctors misdiagnosed the pain for a urinary tract infection. After returning to the hospital with persistent pain, he was told again that it was a UTI and was given antibiotics. After multiple trips to the hospital and being sent home repeatedly, he came down with a 106 degree fever that left him being taken by ambulance back to the hospital and treated for septic shock. He developed gangrene in both of his feet, which led to the unfortunate and devastating scenario of below-the-knee amputations of both legs.

Pierson is represented by Brewster Rawls of the Vet4Vet Team at Rawls Law Group and Richard Frankel of Bross & Frankel PA.


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