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The Facts Don’t Support Obama’s Claims of VA Disciplinary Actions

The problems with the medical care the VA provides to veterans are well known, long standing and continuing.  A couple of years ago, a major scandal erupted over falsified wait times and delays in care.  The news broke with stories arising from the Phoenix VA, but it became quickly apparent that the problem was not isolated.  The administration promised a house cleaning.  The managers who were responsible would be fired.  Two years later, it looks like that is not quite the case.  In a town hall style meeting on September 28, 2016 President Obama said that a “whole bunch” of managers had been fired.  The Washington Post - not exactly an anti-administration newspaper - gave that declaration “Four Pinocchios.” Maybe as many as six people “in charge” have been terminated, but it might only be one.  As the Post points out:  That is not “a bunch.”


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