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Unsung Hero Ensures Homeless and Forgotten Veterans Get A Proper Military Funeral

There are those out there in the world who just do the right thing.  Usually, they don’t blow their own horn and they are discovered often by chance.  This story in the Wall Street Journal about a Washington mortician caught my eye.  Here is someone who makes sure that homeless and often forgotten veterans get a proper military funeral. There are no family and friends to pat him on the back for doing what he does.  He makes no money at it.  In fact, it costs him money.  It’s not “good for business.”  However, this unsung hero understands something that is often unappreciated:  Even when they are gone, these veterans deserve our respect and gratitude.  A decent funeral is the least we can do.

The other take away from this story is that there is something wrong with us when we have homeless and forgotten veterans.  Let’s remember them and help them while they are living.  That would truly be doing the right thing.


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