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VA Nursing Home Conditions Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

There is no question that Covid outbreaks in nursing homes can be devastating. The population of such facilities – older people often with multiple medical issues – is especially susceptible. Once the virus is spreading in a nursing home, it basically goes wild. This Military.Com article tells a heartbreaking story about a veterans’ facility in Norman, Oklahoma. Tragic is an understatement.

What is apparent throughout the country is that many nursing homes have been able to prevent Covid outbreaks among their populations. From a medical perspective I doubt there is anything particularly magical about how those facilities have done so. It’s attention to detail and strict adherence to anti-infection protocols.

That VA facilities are having problems does not surprise me. For over 20 years we have represented veterans and their families in Federal Tort Claims Act cases relating to medical malpractice by VA healthcare providers. Frequently, we see cases where attention to detail is lacking and the VA does not even follow its own internal protocols with any consistency. 

Our veterans deserve better. That has been the case for a very long time. 


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