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VA Nursing Homes Put Veterans in “Immediate Jeopardy”

Stunning new findings about terrible conditions at VA nursing homes have just been made public.  Privately-contracted nursing home inspectors who reviewed ninety-nine VA nursing homes across the country found that more than half had conditions that caused “actual harm” to the veterans residing there.  In some of the nursing homes, the conditions were even worse, with the veterans considered to be in “immediate jeopardy.” 

Among the problems documented were the VA nursing homes’ failures to adequately prevent and treat bed sores that patients developed, as well as for failures to ward off infections.  VA nursing home staff simply were not repositioning elderly and disabled veterans enough, and in some cases failed to wear sterile gloves when treating patients.  Other violations included failing to regularly bathe patients, using scalding hot water for other residents, and failing to mitigate resident fall risks.

Those nursing homes house more than 40,000 veterans each year, and the average daily cost spent per veteran at these VA nursing homes is $1,125 per day, considerably more than private nursing homes. 


Remarkably, only seven of the ninety-nine nursing homes inspected were found to have no deficiencies identified during the inspections.  You can read more about this report here:


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