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Veterans Denied Needed Medical Devices

The VA has a problem getting patient care done in a timely manner. This is an old story. Just think about the scheduling scandal which came out of the Phoenix VA (and elsewhere) about ten years ago.

Now we have this disturbing story from the VA in Aurora, Colorado. The office which supplies veterans with such necessary items as artificial limbs, wheelchairs and hearing aids kept getting a huge backlog of orders.

Management figured out a way to eliminate that backlog.

Inspired leadership?


Better processes?

Well, no. When the number of orders to too high, a bunch just got cancelled. In the system, this would be as if they had never existed at all. Voila, everything looks great.

Of course, while the books look good, those veterans whose orders got cancelled didn't get their needed devices. That's a big problem

Worse, when conscientious employees tried to speak up, their concerns were not well received.

For almost twenty-five years, Rawls Law Group has represented veteran and military families in FTCA claims relating to VA and military healthcare. We know the systems. We know the processes. We know how to prosecute an FTCA medical malpractice case. We have done so all over the country.

We have helped hundreds of veterans. That's our job. It's our mission.


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