$1,250,000 Medical Malpractice Verdict in Virginia

On Friday, a jury in the City of Staunton, Virginia awarded $1,250,000 to our client in this medical malpractice case. Waverly Adcock underwent emergency surgery in September 2016, which resulted in what was supposed to be a temporary colostomy. Unfortunately, while the counts were reported as correct, a lap pad was left in. Despite four abdominal CT's, the foreign body was not found and removed until Mr. Adcock went to a different hospital four months later. He has an essentially unrelated terminal cancer diagnosis, but because of the delay in removing the lap pad, Mr. Adcock's colostomy cannot be reversed. He will sadly spend the rest of his life with it.

Staunton sheriff's bomb dog, Kara, kept us company while we waited for the jury.

Brewster Rawls of Rawls Law Group was brought into the case three months before trial by Tronfeld West & Durrett. Christopher Yakubisin of Tronfeld West & Durrett had worked it up and tried the case with Brewster. The hospital was out of the case before trial and we proceeded only against the surgeon and the radiologists. The jury did not find against the surgeon, which was an entirely fair decision on their part–and a reminder that juries usually do the right thing. And even better, the Staunton sheriff's bomb dog, Kara, kept us company while we waited for the jury.

Image by Daniel Foster


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