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$400,000 awarded for death of 28-year-old Veteran from delayed cancer diagnosis

Rawls Law Group represented the mother of a young veteran who died at only 28 years old from testicular cancer that went undiagnosed by his VA medical providers at the Rocky Mountain VA Medical Center in Aurora, Colorado.

This veteran had a family history of testicular cancer and despite finding a mass and having elevated tumor markers, he was incorrectly informed that his tumor markers and an ultrasound were normal. By the time he was diagnosed with the cancer, this young veteran had extensive metastatic testicular cancer throughout his body. Despite aggressive treatment, he lost his battle with cancer a year following the delayed diagnosis.

We were hired by this veteran’s mother to bring a claim for medical malpractice. Thankfully, the VA recognized the significance of this case and quickly agreed to settle the claim for $400,000, providing some limited justice for the surviving parents and siblings of this young man.


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