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$700,000 Settlement for Army Veteran in Indiana

Rawls Law Group has secured a $700,000 settlement for a veteran who underwent negligent and unneeded podiatric surgery from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The young veteran was a patient of a podiatrist at a VA hospital in Indiana. In assessing the veteran for surgery, the VA podiatrist misread MRI studies and inaccurately diagnosed the veteran’s conditions. The surgical procedures the podiatrist performed simply were not indicated by the radiology studies and significantly, were performed outside the scope of the podiatrist’s Indiana license. The improper surgery left our client with permanent damage to his leg and foot, causing him lasting pain and instability, and limiting his ability to walk.

After the VA refused to settle the claim administratively, we filed suit in federal court in Indiana. Following expert disclosures, we were able to settle the case to help this veteran get his life moving forward again.


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