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Family Seeks Justice For Air Force Veteran Attacked By Fire Ants At Atlanta VA Living Center

Fire Ant Infestation Killed Air Force Veteran, Suit Alleges

The Law Offices of Josh Sacks PC and Rawls Law Group filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit in federal court today against the United States and Orkin Pest Control on behalf of the family of an Air Force veteran who lost his life due to an infestation of fire ants at the Eagles Nest Community Living Center, a long term residence facility for veterans near Atlanta.

Joel Marrable passed away in September 2019 within days after he succumbed to injuries he sustained from two separate fire ant attacks at the Eagles Nest CLC. The Marrable family’s suit alleges that the Eagles Nest CLC staff and leadership were well aware of the fire ant infestation for several months before the attacks on Mr. Marrable, and that both the Eagles Nest CLC and Orkin Pest Control failed to rid the facility of the deadly fire ants and protect Mr. Marrable and other residents. An internal investigation found widespread, systemic problems at the facility.

Mr. Marrable’s plight and the conditions at the Eagles Nest CLC gained widespread national attention. Hon. Johnny Isakson, a retired Senator from Georgia, was quoted as saying he was “shocked, horrified and downright maddened by the news that a veteran under the care of the VA was treated so poorly and without any regard for his well-being.” Shortly before his own death, fellow Congressman John Lewis testified to a House Oversight Committee on Veterans Affairs about the conditions that led to Mr. Marrable’s grievous injuries, stating in part: “A clean room, a bathed body, a bed without biting bugs, and regular health checks are not extraordinary expectations. These are the basics, and the [Atlanta] VAMC failed to provide them . . . I am grieved by the inept response and negligence surrounding Airman Marrable’s care.”

The surviving children of Mr. Marrable seek justice and dignity for their father.


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Download the full press release below:

PRESS RELEASE - 2 2 2021
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