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Marine Credits Military Training to Saving Lives in Las Vegas Shooting

There does not seem to be a combination of words we can put together that can properly express our feelings of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas. We are hurt. We can feel the sorrow.

As our President said in a recent statement in response to this tragedy, “one single light can illuminate the darkness.” One of those lights showed up during the events that took place on October 1st. A marine veteran put himself in harm’s way to help some of the victims that needed medical attention. He showed remarkable poise as he was able to get victims to the hospital quickly before first responders arrived on scene. Amidst the gunfire, Taylor Winston described the scene as a “mini-warzone”. He hopped a fence adjacent to the stage and found a sea of vehicles. The first one he arrived at was equipped with keys. With victims in the back seat and bed of the truck, he sped to the nearest hospital, and came back to get more. Despite the fear of getting killed, he was able to get 20-30 victims to the hospital, making more than a couple trips back and forth.

Winston credits his military training to get the victims help, regardless of his own safety. He does not see himself as a hero, and does not accept that label. He says he was just doing a good deed.


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