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Veteran settles $750,000 medical malpractice lawsuit with VA Medical Center in Richmond

We recently posted about a veteran who received a surgery he didn’t need out of the VA hospital in Richmond, Virginia. The operation comes with a significant complication rate and stroke is high on the list of dangerous complications. the VA doctors told our client he needed it and, as almost all of us would do, he agreed to it.

Now, the veteran often wonders if he will ever make a full recovery. Rawls Law Group helped the veteran recover a $750,000 settlement, and the Army veteran says this will allow he and his wife to be able to survive for the rest of their lives.

“The VA has in fact now changed its policy for veterans who are undergoing the surgery that Mr. Holmes underwent,” attorney, Glen Sturtevant, explained. “They now change their policy to require those veterans to make sure they are taking aspirin and anti-platelet therapy medicines.”


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