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Nursing Home Neglect: 84-Year-Old Veteran

An 84-year-old veteran died because of “rotting genitals.” That pretty much says enough. This story in Military Times of nursing home neglect is appalling. The veteran developed gangrene in his genitals. Apparently, the infection was so bad the stench could be smelled in the hall of the nursing home. The emergency room doctor was disgusted. The patient died a miserable death.

What makes this story even sadder is that it is not some outlier tale. While the specifics might be a bit more gruesome than we sometimes hear about, nursing home neglect should not surprise anyone. This is a huge nationwide problem – a serious injustice.

If a loved one has been injured or died because of poor care at a nursing home, you can do something about it. Consult with a lawyer who has the necessary skills and experience to evaluate your potential case. Rawls Law Group can help in these situations. We have a wealth of experience in medical cases.

Even if you don’t come to us, seek help from someone. Some wrongs cry out to be righted. If abuse of the elderly is not high on that list, I don’t know what is.

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