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U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ D.C. Medical Center Mismanagement Findings

The VA hospital in Washington D.C. is not far from The Capitol.  I am sure that from the roof of the hospital, one could easily see The Capitol Dome.  A little bit further away is the headquarters of the VA, very near the White House.  You’d think that if there were one VA hospital that was really squared away, it would be the one that is literally sitting in the seat of power.  Not so.  As Law 360 reports, the hospital has again been slammed with mismanagement.  Sadly, this is old news.  Remember about a year ago when the director of the hospital was fired for various issues, including dishonesty, and then he was un-fired.  The history of this hospital is not a good one.  That this facility is almost in walking distance of the White House says a lot – and none of it is good.


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