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VA Often Attacks Those Employees Who Dare to Question Concerns About Care

This story out of Oregon is disturbing, but not surprising.  VA management punishing those who speak up is old news, sadly.  Throughout the country, you hear reports of this sort of culture.  No organization can improve if it does not first recognize that there are problems.  Not only does the VA seem to systemically deny the existence of concerns about its care, its management often attacks those employees who dare to question it.

What I find particularly frustrating about stories of this sort is that the VA is, in fact, populated by many employees who really do care about their veteran patients.  And I am saying this as a plaintiffs’ lawyer who pursues claims against the VA all over the country.  It’s true, however, we regularly encounter VA employees who truly want to do the right thing.  Our clients make the same reports.  When those people are stifled and when management will not or cannot address deficient care, it is the veterans who suffer.


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