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VA Conceals Shoddy Care and Health Workers’ Mistakes, Rawls Comments

A recent article from USA Today reveals multiple surgical failures by a podiatrist with the article stating, "They said Thomas Franchini drilled the wrong screw into the bone of one veteran. He severed a critical tendon in another. He cut into patients who didn’t need surgeries at all. Twice, he failed to properly fuse the ankle of a woman, who chose to have her leg amputated rather than endure the pain." These are not the only instances of negligence by this podiatrist. The article highlights 88 total cases of found mistakes by this surgeon. According to this article, the Department of Veterans Affairs worked to conceal these mistakes, and did not notify others of this dangerous doctor. Surprisingly, Franchini is now working in the private sector. In fact, before leaving the VA, Franchini was allowed to "quietly resign" from his position there.

Our Founder and President can be found nearing the end of this USA Today article with comments about the mistakes made at the Togus VA Hospital in Maine: "How is the claimant supposed to know when (the VA) was sitting on this?" Rawls asked. “What they did was just wrong.”

Article Source: Donovan Slack and Michael Sallah, USA TODAY


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