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VA Manipulates Research Data for its Own Benefit

The VA is the largest integrated health system in this country.  It operates over 1200 healthcare facilities and serves more than 9 million enrolled veterans.  Many VA facilities are closely associated with teaching institutions and, not surprisingly, the VA conducts a significant amount of medical research.  And this is no small expense.  Federal law requires that VA funded research be for the benefits of veterans – and that’s how it should be.  This recent article from is disturbing but not surprising. The VA manipulates research data for its own benefit.  That the VA distorts the information it disseminates is nothing new.  All one has to do is look at the long standing and still on-going issues with care delays.  I suppose it was too much to expect that it would operate on a higher standard with regard to its purely scientific efforts.  The mission of the VA is to support veterans.  It should do so in all its efforts.  


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