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Veteran Suffering from Prostate Cancer After Misdiagnosis, Participates in 5k Surrounded by Family

After the conclusion of the Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk a little over a week ago, our clients were interviewed for this piece for Good Day Sacramento. It brought tears to the eyes of everyone in our office who saw it, including me.  This veteran was a VA patient and the VA just missed numerous opportunities to diagnose and treat his prostate cancer. Had he been diagnosed and treated as he should have been his prognosis would be a far better one than it is now.

This piece is a reminder that our clients are real people. I think we are pretty good about remembering that, but it’s always good to be prodded. And it is also a vivid reminder that the harms caused by medical errors and misdiagnoses are very real. We have filed a claim for this veteran and his wife.  Hopefully, we can get a recovery for them.  However, no matter how much money may be awarded or obtained through a settlement, we cannot fix the damage caused by the poor care this veteran received from his VA healthcare providers. As we go into the holiday season, please keep this family and others like them in your thoughts. Please also think about what you can do to encourage our politicians to change and improve the VA healthcare system.  Our veterans deserve it.


To view the GoodDay Sacramento video, please click here.


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