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Veterans Home Administrators Indicted

Nursing homes and their residents have been particularly hard hit by the coronavirus over the past six months, accounting for about 40% of COVID-related deaths.

Last week, two administrators of a state-run veterans nursing home in Massachusetts were indicted on criminal charges following 76 COVID deaths at just that facility alone. The charges brought by the Massachusetts attorney general are for several counts of criminal neglect.

According to the indictment, the administrators oversaw the packing of veteran residents, both with and without confirmed coronavirus, together into close quarters. In some cases, six veterans were crammed into rooms made for only four people. In other cases, residents’ beds were set up in a dining hall just feet away from each other.

Veterans homes in other states have also seen a high number of COVID-related deaths, including about 80 deaths at veterans homes in Paramus, New Jersey, and more than 60 such deaths at homes in Maryland, Menlo Park, New Jersey, and Long Island, New York.


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