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$100,000 Settlement for Veteran from Failed Surgery on Broken Arm

In most of the cases we handle, we are approached by veterans who believe that they have been harmed by VA Medical Malpractice who need help from the very beginning of the claim process.

Recently, a veteran came to us after having filed a claim on their own and having already received a settlement offer from VA. The injury was an orthopedic one based on a failed surgery to repair a broken arm. These types of cases are notoriously difficult to win, because the negligence is sometimes unclear and it is often hard to show that damages are much worse than if the surgery had gone as expected. However, we believed the offer was low and we agreed to negotiate with VA to obtain a higher settlement.

We subsequently managed to negotiate a settlement more than 50% higher than the veteran's original offer. Because there was already an offer on the table, we also took a reduced fee based only on the difference between veteran’s original offer and the final settlement. This meant that our fee was a very small one compared to most other cases.  But, in the end, we were able to help a veteran bet a higher settlement than he otherwise would have on his own. That is certainly worthwhile.


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